Our purpose is to create sustainable economic development, profitable growth and provide superior products to a national market.


Cannabis Retail Location

Herban Legends is the first recreational weed shop in Belltown. They provide the coolest pot experience that anyone will ever have anywhere while are active in their local community and supporting local artists and musicians.

HERBAN LEGENDS Art x Music x Apparel

Retail Location / Design and Branding

Herban Legends Art x Music x Apparel is the a collaboration between Herban Legends and artist Ten Hundred. This sister shop to Herban Legends explores the culture of Cannabis and shines a spotlight on local Art, Music, Design and Branding.


Retail Location / Design and Branding

Sunbloom is a Seattle based processor they take the raw plant material and turn them into an amazing assortment of products for retail locations to sell. Under the Sunbloom umbrella are a large variety of brands and products that each cater to a different market share.


Cannabis Brand

Acme Weed Co. is a Seattle based Cannabis brand that offers a variety of premium products.